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to manage your own and other's cancer treatment and journey


The Live in the Now Foundation is pleased to announce, with the support of Behind the Door Wines that we are fundraising for our special 10th Anniversary Happy Day Conference!


Stock up on your favourite wines and support both the Foundation and South Australian wineries. Be quick as orders close Wednesday May 18th for May 27 pick up!


Order online at https://www.behindthedoorwines.com.au/live-in-the-now-foundation.html




Email your order form (available on the L.I.T.N.F website) to Sally: Sally@behindthedoorwines.com


Thank you all from the L.I.T.N.F team, your support is greatly appreciated.



The Live in the Now Foundation is a direct result of the experience Kerry Reinhold had with Breast Cancer back in 2012.


Over an 18-month period, Kerry underwent 3 operations, 6 months of chemotherapy, 6 weeks of daily radiotherapy, a suspected heart attack and a broken arm to top it off. As a result of the severity of treatment, Kerry was unable to continue to work, but had adequate insurances in place that allowed her to focus on healing, and not burden her with the significant financial implications of treatment. This, unfortunately, is not the case for most cancer patients. During this time Kerry forged a relationship with Cheryl Baxter – Breast Care Nurse.

After much discussion, they passionately believed there were 2 areas that could be improved for those affected by cancer:

1.   Programs promoting well-being through fun, whilst also being informative and innovative for women and men.

2.   Understanding Medical and financial costs involved and navigating through the health and financial systems which can be overwhelming.  


Given Kerry’s experience, she and Cheryl felt there was a need to address these vitally important areas. To achieve this - and this is the truly exciting bit - the not for profit charity - “The Live in the Now Foundation” was created, with all net profits being distributed back into the community.



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EMAIL: kerry@liveinthenowfoundation.com.au

PHONE: 0416 278 245

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